What we do?
Our first gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry it was planted in 1999, in Hungary. Over the years, operating with code herbs, guided by specialist teachers and experienced growers, we expanded our plantation, currently with a capacity to produce at least 100,000 plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry with the possibility to upgrade at maximum 200,000 plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry / year . Out partners and customers are from Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, etc. - See more at: http://www.gojiberry.us
Who are we?
We are passionate , that is why we want to make everything as perfect as we can. As an authorized plantation of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry,we produce and sell seeds and plants of different ages. - See more at: http://www.gojiberry.us
What we offer?
First of all we offer consulting to our clients, a service that is included in the price of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry. Each customer , depending on the geo-climatic area , will receive all the necessary information regarding the plantation of gojiberry ycium barbarum - wolfberry to develop its in the best conditions and provide high yields. Our gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry offer is diversified and includes plants of different ages .0-3 years, can be delivered in pots or on pieces, depending on customer's choice. For large areas, we recommend delivery of gojiberry lycium barbarum plants - wolfberry without pots, transport costs, planting and initial cost is considerably reduced, eliminating pots, soil, container, winning space transport etc. Our plants gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry are obtained by cloning, this method ensures faster rod entry. We also produce plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry grown from imported directly from authorized manufacturers, who had experienced on seeds that have the notice of Plant Protection Organisation. Our work is conducted in a professional space with experienced staff using the best solutions and strict compliance with European Union norms. Our prices are the lowest in the field, with the best report offer/price , differing through age plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry and depending on the package. - See more at: http://www.gojiberry.us