What we do?
Our first gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry it was planted in 1999, in Hungary. Over the years, operating with code herbs, guided by specialist teachers and experienced growers, we expanded our plantation, currently with a capacity to produce at least 100,000 plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry with the possibility to upgrade at maximum 200,000 plants of gojiberry lycium barbarum - wolfberry / year . Out partners and customers are from Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, etc. - See more at: http://www.gojiberry.us
The Goji berry plant Lycium barbarum has its origins in Asia. It is part of the Solanacee family. For more than 2000 years, the Goji berry plant, Lycium barbarum, is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Due to its vintage properties, Gojiberry was and is nowadays produced by the Tibetan monks and not only. In China, gojiberry-lycium barbarum leaves are used to spice up soups and dishes. Fresh leaves of Gojiberry Lycium barbarum are used in salads. Due to its benefits, Gojiberry Lycium barbarum leaf tea , is consumed daily in China, Tibet and Mongolia. Leaf barley Goji berry leaf is recommended for: -Intensement of the immune system -In weight loss belts -Improves sexual performances - Regulates blood pressure -Combination of diabetes and many more ... For more information about Gojiberry lycium barbarum tea and consuption, please talk to a nutritionist. -If you want to set up a plantation of Gojiberry Lycium barbarum or buy Goji tea, please contact us. We offer free advice, quality Gojiberry Lycium barbarum and 100% natural goji tea produced in Hungary in an area where the fauna is protected far from any source of pollution